Build on Your Lot – We Have the Experience, The Value, The Plans

11 May Build on Your Lot – We Have the Experience, The Value, The Plans


The Stirling Rose

Although E.S. Johnson Builders has acquired a great reputation over our twenty years, many don’t know that many of our award winning homes are built outside of our Communities.  E.S. Johnson Builders has been built around building great homes for great families where they want to live.

Building on your own lot takes an experienced builder.  In communities the building lot has been pre approved, septic permit, land engineering complete and utilities are in.  What are the pitfalls your lot may pose?

Points to consider when selecting a Build on your lot Builder.

  1. Choose a builder with the experience of building on a customer’s land.  Inside master planned communities the building process is easier because all the infrastructure is in place.  Building on your own lot requires a builder that can navigate his way around the many pitfalls that can happen in the upfront due-diligence.
  2. Choose a builder that can provide you the plan you want, not the one he thinks you should have.  Plans can be derived three ways: stock or “portfolio” plan, modify a portfolio plan, or create a custom plan that has what you desire specific to that lot and meets your budget.  A good builder should be able to do all three for you.
  3. Choose a builder that can stand by the service of the home.  Has he been building in your area for a long time?  Does he have the reputation of taking care of his customers after the sale?
  4. Choose a builder that is large enough to have great buying power so you receive the best prices for all building goods.


Living where you want, on land you may have dreamed about for years, has become an essential part of the American dream. In a culture that values individuality and self-expression, more people are opting to buy their land first, and then building a custom or semi-custom home.


By hiring a builder with a strong build on your lot program, homebuyers can save money as well as the hassle of hiring their own architect and general contractor. Build on your lot builders will assist you with site evaluations, floorplans, permits, coordination, construction, and in some cases, even financing.

Are you ready for the next step?

For a free lot evaluation, call Eric Johnson at E.S. Johnson Builders and he can show you the roadmap to your home building journey.