Design Build

Beautiful Design & Great Craftsmanship

Allow ESJ to serve as the builder and designer of your home, and we’ll be with you from start to finish on your home building journey.

What are the advantages to Design Build?

Like pressing the easy button...

When we serve as your home's designer and builder, we can assist you throughout the entire process, choosing the styles, features, and square footage that meets your family’s needs and budget. Bring us your ideas, your wishes, your daydreams for a home.

We’ll design it with you, then build it for you.

Better Site Selection

As designer and builder, we can help assess the lot that fits your wish list and your budget!

Every client is unique. Every lot is unique. Every home's floor plan is unique. We will work with you to make all the pieces work together.

Feature/Budget Balance

We all want the most beautiful home possible. Depending on your wants, needs ,and budget, we can give immediate feedback as to where the home's pricing is at all times during the design phase. We'll help you save time and money by quickly assessing the features you need in the context of your budget.

Quicker Timelines

We only design for our clients, so you'll get our undivided attention! When we design and build your home, we're able to reduce the timeframe attached to both processes.

What Our Clients Say

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